REB judge


Co-founder & Director

Steve has worked in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years. During the last eight years, Steve has founded two businesses, SHMarketing&Design and Feedsy.

SHMarketing&Design is a marketing consultancy and website design business specialising in helping small businesses prioritise and deliver on their marketing ideas and to communicate their value to clients.

Feedsy is a news and client communication company that helps advice businesses with their very own branded digital strategy, including eMail services and NewsBlogs on the web. Feedsy’s engine room helps financial advisers show that they care for their clients through email automation and educational content. Feedsy strives to give Financial Advisers the freedom to express their knowledge and ability to inform.

Steve is married and enjoys playing tennis, camping, water-skiing, listening to music and watching his two children play sport in the Adelaide Hills community.

One of Steve’s biggest challenges was walking the Kokoda trail in 2007.