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Jamie Engel is the founder of, the leading online education platform to support the global transition to connected ways of learning for academic, corporate and forward-thinking organisations. Neutopia supports 21st-century learning and builds community by creating meaningful peer-to-peer engagement. It is powered by an AI-based recommendation system similar to a “Spotify for knowledge”.

With a background in film, 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality, he specialises in designing innovative curricula and training programs that use storytelling techniques along with new technologies. He has designed programs for a range of higher education and corporate clients including Laureate Universities, BT Finance, Westfield and Haworth Global. Jamie is exploring how augmented reality can be used to communicate complex systems information in interactive and immersive experiences through virtual simulations.

An inspiring keynote speaker and master educator, Jamie has mentored and partnered on projects that foster entrepreneurship, social enterprise and leadership skills for young adults such as One Young World and Remarkable, Australia’s first disability-focused accelerator. He recently joined the Advisory Council for the Future Minds Accelerator chaired by David Gonski and sponsored by Rio Tinto. Jamie is committed to setting new standards in education by connecting upcoming leaders, sharing their wisdom and amplifying their impact.