Introduction from the chair

Introduction from the principal partner

Impossible – no such thing!

Impossible concepts we once thought to be fiction continue to be realised; flying, self-driving cars, drone deliveries and AI-interpreted emotional intelligence are on our doorstep. Technological innovation continues to accelerate and captivate. The future is here. In this riveting session, we will delve into:

  • Why this groundbreaking technology will change our lives and how we do business forever
  • The fascinating trials and challenges faced to make this dream a reality
  • The transition from legacy systems to the way of the future
  • The impact that this is likely to have on you, your business practice and society as a whole

The 10 types of innovation (reboot)

Andrew Braun

General Manager of Marketing, Netwealth Investments

Although many people seem to think of innovation as bringing a new technology to market, innovation is not just about developing a shiny, new piece of technology. Innovation as a concept spans much further.
It is about catalysing a new method, product, process or idea. It is about finding new ways to connect with your clients, and re-imagined methods for managing your staff and your workflows. It’s also about creating ways to make sure you stand out from your competitors. 
In this presentation, Andrew Braun, General Manager – Marketing of Netwealth Investments, discusses the 10 types of innovation and how they can be used in your practice today.

Morning tea

What the world needs now: Client demands for sustainable and responsible innovation and investment

An increasingly socially conscious community is demanding transparency and evidence of their investments’ impact on society and the environment. Innovations in research and development are obvious factors to slowing climate change and achieving societal and environmental outcomes. Simon O’Connor, Chief Executive of the Responsible Investment Association of Australia (RIAA), will reveal some of the intricacies, advantages and myths around this increasingly popular and ethical form of investment. In this session, learn strategies in how to:

  • Navigate scepticism and handle questions around greenwashing
  • Engage the socially aware and proactive Millennials in preparation for the great transfer of wealth
  • Deliver long-term value through responsible investment

Healthy, WELLthy and Wise

Melissa Meagher

Money mindset and success coach

Financial advice is no longer just about projections, investments and retirement, but also planning for life events along the way. Financial wellness and money coaching are key to delivering what your clients want — while also giving them the ability to live and enjoy life. Our expert money coach, Meagan Meagher will show you how to empower clients to:

  • Achieve life goals through simple and effective strategies for financial health
  • Learn to think about money differently to create a healthy drive supporting wellbeing and financial self-care for you and your clients
  • Practise what you preach and reap the physical, mental and financial benefits

Efficient, innovative and easy to implement

In this fun and interactive session, the partners of Adviser Innovation will share some easy-to-implement and innovative strategies to create efficiencies in your business.


Illustrated advice: Using virtual reality to demonstrate client goals and outcomes

Jamie Engel


Augmented reality is also being used as a tool to demonstrate how risky or impetuous decisions can redefine financial and life-changing outcomes. Discover how your clients can visualise the impact of their investments. Jamie Engel, our expert in augmented reality and AI, will reveal how this new technology can:

  • Maximise client engagement and education through virtual scenarios and how their spending can make a dramatic difference to their life plan
  • Introduce new and different financial options and products appropriate to life stages
  • Create an interesting and stimulating advice environment and a vehicle for enhanced training

Implementation: How to adopt fintech like a start-up

Implementation of tech for today to account for tomorrow and a realm of likely possibilities in the future. The rapid development and extensive range of tech available can often overwhelm us, and advisers are faced with the dilemma of where to start. Our expert speaker will show you how to:

  • Analyse your business from a technical perspective, and evaluate where it is needed most, to better focus on advice delivery and meet compliance obligations
  • Create a strategy and framework for seamless technology implementation and systems integration
  • Create a customer-centric environment to remove friction from the advice process

Afternoon tea

Between Meetings podcast

Matt Heine

Joint Managing Director, Netwealth Group

Grant Hackett OAM (Melbourne)

CEO, Generation Life

Paul Barrett (Sydney)

CEO, AZ Next Generation Advisory

Andrew Rutherford (Brisbane)

COO and Founding Partner, Koda Capital

Matt Heine, Joint Managing Director of Netwealth, will chat with industry professionals and thought leaders on what opportunities and challenges they see for financial advisers and the wealth industry as a whole.

Can technology make us more human?

Simon Waller

Futurist, Author and Keynote Speaker
Founder, The Digital Champions Club

We are constantly being blindsided by technology. Activities that were previously considered the sole domain of humans such as driving vehicles and helping diagnose cancer are now being done (often more successfully) by machines. As the rate of technology-driven change continues to increase, a very legitimate question arises: what type of work will be left for us?

It turns out that the progress of technology is more predictable than we think and there are actions that we can take to improve our long-term relevance. Beyond that, we can also find ways to use technology to free our time from mundane tasks and invest in the uniquely human qualities that enrich our lives.